Residential Roofing Services in Northern Colorado

Trust iRoof & Restoration to Protect Your Home

Homeowners know their property is not just an investment- it’s also home, a place that does much more than offer shelter. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, and ensures that you’re protected from the elements while offering a beautiful focal point for guests.
Because your roof is your home’s first line of defense, it often takes a beating and  you may not realize there’s an issue until you see a leak or you’re missing shingles. Our Louisville roofers restore and repair your roof before minor issues become big problems.

How Can We Help Your Home?

iRoof & Restoration focuses on honesty and integrity in everything we do. We know how to get your roofing job done right, no matter what you need.
Looking for a new roof? iRoof & Restoration offers free upgrade packages including: impact-resistant shingles, Ridge vent, synthetic felt, and ice and water shields. We don’t take payment until your roof is complete and offer full restoration services so you don’t have to call multiple companies.

We Work with Your Insurance

Facing roof damage can be stressful enough. Dealing with your homeowner’s insurance company adds additional hassle. Our Northern Colorado roofers work directly with your carrier so that you don’t have to. We file your claim and take our costs directly from your insurance payout. Take advantage of our affordable quality services!

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