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It’s no surprise that your roof can take a lot of damage- but it’s only a matter of time before rain, wind, hail, and even too many years under the sun wear down its shingles and leave your home or business open to leaks, mold, and mildew. We’ll catch minor problems before they become major issues.
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Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Every job we take on starts with a comprehensive and free inspection. The roofer will assess damage and the overall condition and age of your roof. We note any degradation, weak spots, leaks, or other issues that negatively impact your commercial or residential property.

We pay attention- here’s some of the tell-tale signs that it’s time for a new roof:

  1. Cracked or damaged shingles
  2. Missing shingles
  3. Leaks
  4. Growing moss, mold, or mildew
  5. Stains that indicate leaks or mold
  6. Sagging and soft spots
  7. Peeling or curled paint


Schedule Your Free Inspection Now

Roofing experts across the country suggest that at a minimum, you have your roof inspected every three to five years.

Leaks and mold can lead to expensive damage-Don’t wait until it’s too late! it’s important that you call our Northern Colorado roofers today.

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