Is your roof needs repair or replacement? Do you wonder what would be the best roofing solution to combat the Broomfield, Colorado weather? You may choose metal roofs over conventional material for a lot of reasons. Along with being energy-efficient, steel roofs are highly durable and low on maintenance. However, to decide if residential metal roofing is right for your Broomfield home or not, you should read this.

Longer Life Span

Metal roofs have a longer shelf life with minimal maintenance. They have proved to last for over 30 years. That means once install, you need not bother about repair or replacement. Moreover, a sturdy and durable roof is a huge selling point.

Environment and energy

No other material but metal can offer the same level of environmental benefits, derived from its 100% recyclable nature and its sustainability. A metal roof can offer energy savings of between 15 to 40%. In that regard, no other material comes close to matching the advantages of metal roofing.

Cost benefits

The long-term benefits of a metal roof far outweigh the initial costs. Do you intend to stay in your home beyond the next 10 to 20 years? That’s one residential cycle. It’s beyond this period that the benefits of metal roofing kick in, as they last 30 to 70 years, far more than any traditional roofing.


A beautiful roof is part of the charm and value of a home. That being said, it’s a place that’s constantly exposed to the elements and can age quickly. A metal roof comes in a variety of styles and colors that look wonderful, and it stays intact longer, thus offering more value.


Extreme weather is increasingly affecting homes, which bodes ill for a weak roof. The low weight and interlocking panels of a metal roof, on the other hand, meaning it can take a beating and keep on ticking even in harsh weather such as rain, hail, and storms. It is also fire-resistant.


The roof makes up a significant portion of a home’s exterior. A gorgeous metal roof adds character to your home and is one way to stand out from the neighboring homes. Metal roofs are available in various materials, including steel and copper.

An aging home

Older structures may have particular needs. Metal roofing weighs only one-twelfth what dimensional shingles do. This lower weight increases the lifespan of your home. An added benefit over old shingles is that homeowners can spend their money on a better roof instead of on removing and disposing of an old roof.

A complex roof

Metal is perfect for complex roofs. There is a lot of labor involved in repairing or installing a steep or complicated roof, no matter what material you use. The lasting durability of metal roofing makes it the sensible choice; enabling you to do it once and do it right. Thus avoiding having to spend your money on more labor down the road.


A hole in your roof isn’t ideal, is it? Although they are intentional, things like ventilation shafts, chimneys and skylights, and other projections are nevertheless holes in your roof. Metal roofs, however, can be permanently set around these things and so prevent leaks and other damage. 

Homeowners Insurance

Metal roofs are heavy-duty and long-lasting. Therefore, many companies also provide homeowners with a discount of up to 35% on their insurance policies. 

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