Roofing Inspections

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As a homeowner or commercial property owner, there are many steps you have to take to protect your investment, including roof inspections. At iRoof & Restoration, we’re committed to providing reliable roof inspections to our customers throughout Northern Colorado and surrounding areas. Whether you’re concerned that your roof has been damaged and needs to be repaired or you would like to eliminate the need for expensive repairs and replacements, we can help.

Take Preventative Action to Preserve Your Roof

Roof inspections catch small issues before they develop

Roof inspections include checking the drains and gutters

The lack of roof maintenance can lead to roof failure

It’s always better to take preventative action. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your roof caves in or your shingles start flying off. Get your free inspection today!

Roofs often go unnoticed until a problem creeps up and the repair becomes much more extensive. Our Northern Colorado roofers are trained to spot seemingly minor roof damage early on and address it before it becomes a larger problem.

How Our Team Can Help You

Having your roof inspected by a professional Northern Colorado roofer on a regular basis is a worthwhile investment. When we find signs of existing problems, we bring them to your attention- minimizing your costs down the line.