Erie, CO Residential and Commercial Roofers

Erie is a suburban town located in Boulder and Weld County, in the U.S State of Colorado, ideal for people who love the small-town feel and are passionate about the outdoors. The mesmerizing views and picturesque trails with dynamic community, thriving economy, green landscape, several employment opportunities attract several people towards Erie. It is a Statutory town with proximity to Denver and Boulder. Erie is one of the fastest-growing cities on the Front Range and is among some of the best livable cities in Colorado.

One thing that Erie residents cannot afford to neglect is the roof of their homes and businesses. Fortunately, several residential and commercial roofers operate in the city. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced roofer in Erie for roof installation, repair, or inspection, give iRoof & Restoration a call. Our team ensures that the people in the city have a durable, efficient, and lasting roofing system to keep them safe. Sometimes, with several roofers around, the residents feel overwhelmed and confused about picking the right one.

Choosing a trusted local, licensed, and insured roofer with a good reputation and innumerable positive reviews offers peace of mind. iRoof & Restoration strives to offer its customers the best and long-lasting services. No matter the type of roofing service you need, our team ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Residential Roofing Services in Erie, CO

The roof works as a shield that protects the home from inclement weather and various other outside forces. Choosing a roofer without due deliberation for residential roofing needs can prove expensive. Hire iRoof & Restoration for unmatched residential roofing services in Erie. We have years of experience fulfilling various roofing needs of the city. Read on to know about the different services we offer.

Roof Replacement in Erie, CO

If you are looking for a dependable roofer for replacing your roof, choose iRoof & Restoration, a locally operated company specializing in all types of roofing services. We have top-quality roofing systems to choose from that will protect the home from various elements. Our crew will work hard to ensure that the roof replacement finishes on time and within the budget. We are a trusted name in the city of new roof installations and roof replacement.

Several homeowners dread considering the re-roofing and complete roof replacement projects due to the cost and the hassles involved in the process. Thankfully, Erie homeowners do not have to worry as our team can provide a valuable and durable roof over their heads. If your roof has sustained irreparable damage from a storm or has gone past its lifespan, contact iRoof & Restoration to replace the old roofing for better protection.

Roofing Inspections in Erie, CO

The elements take their toll on any roofing system over time, making it essential to regularly check that there are no issues with the roof and that it is in proper shape. iRoof & Restoration perform roof inspections in Erie to identify the roof’s current status and present a detailed report mentioning the health of the home’s exterior with recommendations and estimated costs for the homeowners to decide if they are okay with us performing the required repairs. Our team assesses the roof from all areas to look for visible and hidden signs of damage. Some roofing issues remain concealed under the shingles and are difficult for the homeowners to determine. Expert roofers from iRoof & Restoration can examine the roofing material, fascia and soffit, Flashing condition, ridges, valleys, and hip, gutters and downspouts, and other roof areas for damages. We are licensed and insured and specialize in roof repairs and replacements.

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Erie, CO

It is not uncommon for homes in Erie to be hit by strong winds and rain causing significant damage to the roof, gutters, siding, fences, paint, and other home areas. The roofing system takes a beating when a storm affects a home, adversely affecting the shingles, decking, and vents. Any issues, when not repaired on time, can cause roof failure or lead to costly repairs. Call iRoof & Restoration for a free estimate for storm damage roof repair in Erie. Once we receive your call, our team will quickly arrive at your location for inspection.

Damages caused by a storm tops the list of one of the most common reasons why Erie homeowners call a roofer for inspections. Severe weather conditions compromise the home’s structural integrity and the family’s health, safety, and comfort. After a storm, inspect the roof for visible signs of damages and schedule an immediate or next day appointment, depending on the severity of the situation. We can also coordinate with the insurance company for repairs and replacement needs.

Hail Damage Roof Repair in Erie, CO

Colorado is one of the States most prone to hail. Damages caused by a severe hailstorm are stressful for a homeowner. Call iRoof & Restoration to take care of the damages caused by hail. Our team will conduct the inspection to determine problem areas to fix them and avoid further damages that can eventually lead to roof replacement. Common issues people experience after a hailstorm are cracked, missing, or bruised shingles, missing granules, and damages to other roof items like vents, siding, gutters, and chimneys. We can work with the insurance company to finalize the settlement claim and make the process as smooth as possible.

If the roof has been significantly affected, we can present better roofing options, like metal roofing with high ratings, meaning better protection against hail damage. Hail is a part of people residing in Erie, and iRoof & Restoration has been working to restore hail-damaged roofs for a long time, offering 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Roofing Services in Erie, CO

iRoof & Restoration is a fully licensed and insured roofing company ideal for all your commercial roofing service needs in Erie. We are a premier company well-equipped to handle the roofing requirements of your business. We are committed to providing high-quality materials and customer service to all our business clients. Our commercial roofing services include roof repairs, installation, and replacements. With so many commercial roofers in Erie, finding a reliable one can seem like a hassle. We are a roofing company that strives to exceed customer expectations and provide reliable services within the budget and given timeframe. iRoof & Restoration has a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable commercial roofing contractors that has been working in the city and providing efficient services for a long time. Contact us if you wish to know more about our commercial roofing services or want to receive a free estimate by scheduling a complimentary inspection.

Emergency Roofing Services in Erie, CO

Roof emergencies can stress out home and business owners. iRoof & Restoration is a reliable name for providing trusted emergency roofing service in Erie. Our team needs short notice to arrive at your location equipped with the expertise and experience to perform quick and effective repairs on all types of roof leaks and other damages. They are well-versed with different roofing materials to efficiently solve any issue at hand.

Some common reasons demanding emergency residential and commercial roofing services include ice dams and ice build-up, fallen tree limbs, natural wear and tear, ignoring routine maintenance, improper installation, and flashing failure. While some roofing emergencies are avoidable, others are not in anyone’s control. It is not advisable to go up on the roof and perform inspections. Call iRoof & Restoration to handle any emergency roof repair need for your home or business.

Other Services

iRoof & Restoration also offers home services to Erie residents. Read on to know more about them.

Gutter Installation & Repair

One of the best ways to prevent the home and roof from water damage is to have a properly functioning gutter system. Most homeowners are now replacing their standard sectional gutters with seamless gutter systems due to their various benefits. iRoof & Restoration offers superior gutter installation services in Erie to protect the home from rainwater damages. Call our expert team of installers for seamless installations.

Damaged or malfunctioning gutters make the foundation, landscape, and roof susceptible to various issues. When a gutter system fails to divert rainwater, it leads to water pooling at the home’s base. iRoof & Restoration has a team of experienced professionals that perform gutter repairs throughout the city and nearby areas. Whether the gutter has developed leaks, holes, cracks, or is sagging, our team can provide effective repair or replacement solutions. Hire us to keep your gutter system well-maintained and effectively functioning.

Flooring in Erie

iRoof & Restoration is the perfect place if you are looking for affordable flooring services in Erie. Along with unlimited flooring options, we have a team of experts to aid you in decision-making. We are a locally-owned business with significant experience in installing and maintaining all flooring types for optimum customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for flooring choices for your home or business, we are a company you can put your trust in. We are a licensed and fully insured company offering quality flooring installations. Our team will efficiently handle the process from start to finish offering you the flooring of your dreams.

Home Painting Services

iRoof & Restoration offers interior and exterior painting services for homes in Erie. Call our expert team of painters if you have bought a new home and want to transform its look to match your lifestyle, looking to repaint the walls due to faded, cracked, and peeled paint, or looking for a change of color. They will work with you to enhance the aesthetics of the home at many affordable prices. A fresh coat of paint will protect the walls and increase the curb appeal. Call us for a wide range of services, including stairway and railway painting, molding, trim and crown painting, wallpaper removal, color matching, or whole-house painting. Our team has all the latest tools, equipment, and training to transform the interior and exterior of the home. A professional painting job offers the home a unique and inviting look.

Siding Replacement & Installation

Looking for a new siding for your new Erie home or replace the old and ill-performing siding? iRoof & Restoration is the name you can count on to transform the exteriors. We have a selection of high-quality sidings which are unique and durable to protect the home. Call us if the siding is cracking or rotting, the exteriors require frequent repainting, the energy bills are going high, or the mold growth. Our experts will inspect the home’s exterior for damage and determine whether the siding needs repair or complete replacement.

Whether your home needs minor repairs or complete siding replacement, our team can handle everything. We can install metal, vinyl, wood, aluminum, or any other sliding the home requires for protection from elements.

Skylight Installation & Repair

iRoof & Restoration install skylights to fill any room with natural light, warmth, and fresh air without sacrificing your privacy. We are skylight installation and repair professionals you can rely on for all your needs. Our team can carefully install manual skylights, fixed or non-openable skylights, solar-powered skylights, and electric-powered skylights to change the aura of the interiors and bring the utility costs down. People can also enjoy several physical and psychological benefits of letting the natural light in the dark areas of the property. So, if you are looking for a reliable skylight installation and repair company in Erie, look no further than iRoof & Restoration.