Nothing is forever but when we think of roofs, they have a longer life span. It is the first line of defense against all kinds of damaging elements. Therefore it’s important to be aware of the possible factors that may harm the integrity of the roofs. Regular inspection is important as it allows you to be mindful of the potential for damages. Here is a list of roofing issues you should never overlook.

Wind and Storm

Extreme winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes are the major damaging factors especially in the northern part of the country. They can blow away the shingles and let the water soaks in to spill over to your ceiling and even damaging the walls. Always inspect after every storm or when the winds are strong.

Rain, Hail, and Snow

Just as the winds water in any form is harmful to your roof. Heavy rain or hail storms may weaken the mineral coating of the asphalt shingle. And ice dams are common in northerly climates. Repeated freezing, thawing, and re-freezing can raise your roof shingles, melt the ice and allow snow to get into your home.

The moisture due to any of these is deadly for the roof. The shingle may be exposed to more issues like damage-causing UV rays and water.


UV rays and excessive heat during the summers can dry the shingles. So inspect regularly for this as well and keep your attic insulated and ventilated. You may also install a radiation barrier on the attic ceiling to reduce the heat impact.

Trees and Other Debris

Trees are a beautiful addition to your property but they can be hazardous too. Falling leaves, twigs, branches, and other tree debris may clog the gutters. If left on the roof, they retain moisture and build up mold, causing your shingles to fall apart and the roof structure to begin to decay.

Certain species may release resin or sap that can soften the asphalt and lead to blisters in shingles. Limbs from nearby trees can split and fall when there is a lot of wind, ice, or snow. A tree ravaged by disease doesn’t take much to fall.


Nesting animals are a common problem for roof damage. Birds may nest in your roof during spring and summers while mammals would try to take shelter to avoid cold. The insects in the fascia and shingles are sought-after by woodpeckers, and your roofing vent covers, as well as shingles, could be pulled off by raccoons searching for an entry point.

Ensure that you inspect for any animal activity that could harm the roof. Taking professional help in removing the intruders is always better.

Malfunctioning Gutters and Downspouts

Since gutters and downspouts catch rainwater and channel it onto the ground, it keeps the roof dry. The clogging of these for any reason can dam up and spill water into your roofing, leading to a rotting roof.

Improper Installation

It is always advisable to get the installation done only by professionals as improper installation may lead to severe damaging issues. An improperly installed roof won’t perform well and won’t be able to withstand any weather change or the other factors discussed above. Not using underlayment, sealants, and flashing, and improper fixing, fastening, and overlapping of shingles can cause serious damage. Experienced roofers know how to install shingles that last longer and work as a shield against all elements.

For old, new, or fancy roofs, the damage is unavoidable. However, with regular inspections and maintenance done by professionals, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run. If you are in Colorado and Texas, you may hire expert roofers for immediate roof recovery.

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