People experience several inconveniences during the stormy weather. Hailstorms and high winds can occur unexpectedly, and lack of preparation can gravely damage the roof, windows, siding, gutter, and other home areas. 

Heavy rains often accompany storms, and compromised exteriors allow the stormwater to infiltrate and create issues like flooding, mold growth, rotting, and damage to property and belongings. Severe storms cause billions of dollars worth of property damage yearly. 

Storms pose a severe threat to the family’s health and the home’s integrity. Therefore, it is essential to take appropriate measures to guard it against the damaging consequences of extreme weather conditions and avoid time-consuming and expensive repairs. 

While homeowners have no control over the weather events, here are a few proactive steps to take before a major storm to protect the home and family and minimize the damage:

Ensure optimal roof condition

For every home, the roof is the first line of defense against harsh weather. High winds and hailstorms can extensively damage an already compromised roof. Hire a professional roofing contractor for routine roof inspection and maintenance, especially before the storm season. Roofers perform a comprehensive examination to evaluate the various roofing system elements for potential problems like leaks, missing or damaged shingles, loose nails, clogged gutters and downspouts, compromised flashing, and loose siding. If there are any issues, they fix them immediately to avoid major repairs and expenses down the line. If the roof is old and requires replacement, consider upgrading to durable impact-resistant materials. 

Regularly cut or trim the trees

Regularly trim the overgrown trees and shrubbery in the yard and remove dead, dry, and weak branches to prevent them from coming off and damaging the roof, siding, windows, car, neighbor’s property, and power lines. Preventative care ensures good lawn health and reduces the risk of hail and storm damage. Plant trees and shrubs strategically to create a natural barrier for protection from high winds.

Secure the door and windows

Doors and windows need extra security as they are more vulnerable to break or shatter during a heavy storm. Ensure that the doors and windows are tightly sealed, use weatherstripping, replace cracked or broken windows with wind and impact-resistant materials, and attach storm shutters as a protective covering. Keep the shutters, curtains, blinds, and shades closed during the storm.

Inspect the property

A well-maintained home with a solid foundation is less susceptible to the harms of hail and storms. Walk around the property to identify potential problem areas. Check the ceilings, walls, attic, garage, basement, and crawl space for cracks and signs of water damage like wet spots, mold, and flaking or bubbling paint. Call a professional to address issues, if any, before the storm strikes. 

Safely store the outdoor furniture

Avoid leaving anything lying loosely in the yard if there is a warning of an impending storm. Store everything that can get ruined or cause damage to the home, like light planters, outdoor furniture, bikes, toys, and yard decorations indoors or in the garage until the storm passes. Do not forget to move your vehicles also in the garage or to a safe spot.

Homeowner insurance

A vital and practical step to protect the home against storm damage is to invest in a specific homeowner insurance policy covering losses incurred from natural disasters like hail, hurricanes, and other heavy rain.

Stay prepared for an emergency

No one can predict how worse a storm can get, and it is essential to stay prepared for any situation. Keep things like a flashlight, batteries, and a generator handy in the event of a power failure and an extra supply of food and water for emergencies.

A lot of uncertainty accompanies the storm season. Heavy winds and hail can cause significant harm to the house and the belongings. Preparing proactively to protect the property and the family from inclement weather is essential to avoid landing up in any dangerous situation. Follow these tips to protect the home during a storm, and act quickly and call a roofing contractor for inspection if you suspect any damage to the roofing system following a storm.

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